My basement is full.  The garage is full.  The Storage Locker is full.  The Guest Room and Dining Room are full- of stuff.

It IS overwhelming – you might call me a hoarder.  My wife is embarrassed to let anyone over.  It is hard to go through this amount of stuff.  But I want to keep buying.  I need to stop and get things sold.  Or at least organized and listed.

I actually do have quite a lot of items listed.  Most of them are in the basement – some in storage.  But I also have many unlisted items in the basement, storage and everywhere else.

It is an ongoing project getting things organized.  I really don’t have a problem letting go of stuff.  Just have a problem with which items to let go of – or not having time to list them.

I did finally clean out the dining room – my wife said that was the most embarrassing place to have junk.  But it is the most efficient – because after all – there is a table there to work on.

The next place is the guest room – we have not had guests over in a while, but you never know when they might show up.  and when they do, that stuff has to go somewhere.  Usually – that stuff would go back to the dining room or down to another corner in the basement.

So the basement always has these corners piled high of stuff that I can never seem to get to because once the guests leave, I find another auction to go to and fill up the guest room again.

This really has to stop.  All of this moving around of stuff creates a lot of inefficiency.  It takes time to move things, and then the stuff gets lost.  And oh, how I hate when I sell something and I cannot find it.  It is one of the worst things that can happen.

The basement on the other is a little better – I have things generally organized into sections.  I have boxes, packing, books, car parts, toys, business/Industrial, household and so forth in separate sections in the basement.  So I know where pretty much where every thing is.  Pretty much.

But there is just so much in the basement, that it is difficult to walk through.  Just need to clean out and get things sold.

This is an ongoing project – but I must finish this before my day job ends and I need to do this full time again.


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