Welcome to Sunflower Trading.

Buying and selling has been a hobby of mine for a while.  During the day, I am a computer support person.  It pays the bills, but not as much fun as looking for treasures.  This blog is about the success and failures that I have made buying and selling.  Hoping you can learn from it yourself.

I saw that my old company was dying.  Actually, the whole industry slowing getting the squeeze.  So, I was quite active doing part time ebay for about 3 years.  It finally died at the end of 2015 and I was able to purchase a lot of equipment and sell it on ebay.  That kept me busy for about 5 months.  After I was let go, I didn’t apply for unemployment, didn’t send off a resume, didn’t even look for a job.  I was going to make a big go of it until my old colleagues called me up to tell me to work with them at a new company.  So, I went back to a normal day job.

I had failed – kind of.  I got lazy – thinking there was more money in the bank.  Started watching too much TV and not enough time creating listings and getting organized.

But I still love buying and selling, finding things I have never seen before and cashing in if I do it right.


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